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Liquid Image -1992
Liquid Image -1992

Back in 1992, we were pioneers in the VR industry.  We created one of the first commercially available Head Mounted Displays (HMD), the MRG2. It won lots of industry awards and helped spark off the VR industry and grow it into what we see today. Back in the 1990's, we sold each the MRG2 for $10,000.

A lot has changed since then, but a lot is still the same. Our original "single, large format screen" design is being used in today's HMDs. Holographic Diffusing Filters, which we used on the MRG3c, in 1994, are also making a comeback.  That long cord you are always stepping on, yup, that was us - sorry.

The materials have evolved. Our shells were made of Carbon Fibre, Kevlar and Glass-reinforced plastic for strength and durability, Today they are made of ABS, PolyCarbonate and PVC making them light weight and moldable into sleek, consumer friendly designs.  Back in the '90s we used bulky LCD monitors. Today, your smartphone is the screen, head tracker and computer.

Recently there has been a huge push into consumer VR.  We don't like to use the word "resurgance" as professional VR has been alive and well for decades.  The huge push came with the promise of low cost  consumer HMDs. We've watched prices creep up from $300 a unit to $600, $800 and now $1,200.  This price is getting way out of reach for the average consumer.  

Google Cardboard is great but it can get a bit beat up when you use it a lot.  FreeHMD is a lot like Cardboard but it will last a lot longer and we want you to use it - a lot.  Use it to create immersive, interactive worlds.  Use it to explore creations that other people have made.  Share it with your friends so they can see what VR is all about.  We have a plan for the future of VR and freeHMD is just the beginning.  

We have been waiting to see how we could participate in the low cost HMD market, watching all this excitement unfold.  We wanted to make VR accessible so we set the price at $0 so everyone can get one. Once you have got yours, share a link with your friends so that they can get their own.  The more HMDs we can get into people's hands, the more exciting the future will be.

Once everyone who wants an HMD has one, the real fun begins....

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Nothing!  Just pay for shipping.

The promise of a $300 HMD has disappeared with the launch of commercial HMDs in early 2016, with starting prices of $600 and, just recently, as high as $1,200.  This is well out of reach of the average consumer.  We thought that we had to do something to keep the promise of a low cost HMD and keep growing the VR user base.  Then we thought, "What could be lower cost than $0?"  So we went out to find partners that could help us achieve this goal.  Through lots of hard work and a bit of luck, we've managed to deliver a quality product at zero cost.  So it's free because we want to keep this market growing and give everyone access to VR. We are working on lots of new products at Tek Gear that VR users are going to get really excited about. So a big user base will help us make these products a reality.


There are 3 core apps for your freeHMD:

1) Cardboard App (Google Play, iTunes) This app puts virtual reality on your smartphone.  It helps you set up freeHMD, find VR content and launch your favorite experiences.

2) YouTube VR. YouTube has a channel devoted entirely to 360 degree VR Videos.

3) Cardboard Camera. Become a VR creator. Cardboard Camera turns your smartphone into a VR Camera.  You can easily create immersive panoramas with sound.

There are lots more apps at the Google Play store.

Download the Google Cardboard app from Google Play or iTunes on your phone and run it. Put your smart phone into the freeHMD.  Put it on your head and start exploring.

There's no catch!  We have to charge a small shipping fee because the courier still needs to deliver the unit to you.  Your e-mail address remains private and is never sold, shared, or revealed.  No gotchyas, no tricks, no gimmicks.

A compatible smartphone that works with Google Cardboard supported apps.  Android 4.1 or higher or iOS 8.0 or higher. Supports larger phones with screen sizes from 4 to 6 inches.

Tek Gear is a US Credit Card Merchant. The FreeHMD is just one of hundreds of products we sell to customers world wide.  By denominating every transaction in USD, we can keep all of our prices stable and consistant on a global scale.


Yes.  Select "Pickup from TekGear"  as the shipping option.  We will send you an email when you order is ready for pickup.

Not really.  We promise to keep shipping them as long as there is demand for them.  So, please share a link to this page and help us spread the word of FreeVR for Everyone!

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